3:1  “For behold, in those days and at that time, When I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem,  2  I will gather all the nations, And bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat.

A    Then I will enter into judgment with them there On behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel,

B    Whom they have scattered among the nations; And they have divided up My land.

C    3  “They have also cast lots for My people, traded a boy for a harlot, and sold a girl for wine that they may drink.

D    4  “Moreover, what are you to Me, O Tyre, Sidon, and all the regions of Philistia? Are you rendering Me a recompense? But if you do recompense Me, swiftly and speedily I will return your recompense  /  on your head.

E    5  “Since you have taken My silver and My gold, brought My precious treasures to your temples,

E’   6  and sold the sons of Judah and Jerusalem to the Greeks in order to remove them far from their territory,

D’   7  behold, I am going to arouse them from the place where you have sold them, and return your recompense  /  on your head.

C’   8  “Also I will sell your sons and your daughters into the hand of the sons of Judah,

B’   and they will sell them to the Sabeans, to a distant nation,”

A’   for the LORD has spoken.

A longer chiasm is found in Joel 3:17–21. This one has seven parts, diagrammed this way: ABCXCBA. Here is the passage:

The ideas presented in this prophecy follow this arrangement:
A - God dwells in Zion (verse 17a)
B - Jerusalem is holy (verse 17b)
C - Foreign invaders are banished (verse 17c)
X - The blessings of the Kingdom (verse 18)
C - Foreign enemies are destroyed (verse 19)
B - Jerusalem and Judah are preserved (verses 20–21a)
A - God dwells in Zion (verse 21b)


Joel 3

17 So shall ye know that I am the Lord your God dwelling in Zion, my holy mountain:

then shall Jerusalem be holy,

and there shall no strangers pass through her any more.

18 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the mountains shall drop down new wine, and the hills shall flow with milk, and all the rivers of Judah shall flow with waters, and a fountain shall come forth of the house of the Lord, and shall water the valley of Shittim.

19 Egypt shall be a desolation, and Edom shall be a desolate wilderness, for the violence against the children of Judah, because they have shed innocent blood in their land.


20 But Judah shall dwell for ever, and Jerusalem from generation to generation.

21 For I will cleanse their blood that I have not cleansed: for the Lord dwelleth in Zion.