The Book of Mosiah, may be organized into a complex chiasmus that focuses on the Messianic teachings of Abinadi, and puts emphasis on the powerful teachings of Benjamin and Mosiah

A King Benjamin exhorts his sons (1:1-8)

 B Mosiah chosen to succeed his father (1:10)

  C Mosiah receives the records (1:16)

   D Benjamin's speech and the words of the angel (2:9-5:15 )

    E People enter into a covenant (6:1 )

     F Priests consecrated (6:13)

      G Ammon leaves Zarahemla for the land of Lehi-Nephi (7:1-6)

       H People in bondage, Ammon put in prison (7:15)

        I The 24 gold plates (8:9)

         J The record of Zeniff begins as he leaves Zarahemla (9:1)

          K Defense against the Lamanites (9:14-10:20)

           L Noah and his priests (11:1-15)

            M Abinadi persecuted and thrown in prison (11-12)

             N Abinadi reads the old law and old Messianic prophecies to the priests (13-14)

             N' Abinadi makes new prophecies about Jesus Christ (15-16)

            M' Abinadi persecuted and killed (17:5-20)

           L' Noah and his priests (18:32-20:5)

          K' Lamanites threaten the people of Limhi (20:6-6-26)

         J' Record of Zeniff ends as he leaves the land of Lehi-Nephi

        I' The 24 gold plates (21:27, 22:14)

       H' People of Alma in bondage (23)

      G' Alma leaves the land of Lehi-Nephi for Zarahemla (24)

     F' The Church organized by Alma (25:14-24)

    E' Unbelievers refuse to enter covenant ( 26: 1-4 )

   D' The words of Alma and the words of the angel of the Lord (26-27)

  C' Alma the Younger receives the records (28:20)

 B' Judges chosen instead of a king (29:5-32)

A' Mosiah exhorts his people (29:5-32)