Mormon 8 Chiasmus (The core of this chiasmus was discovered and shown to me by John Bytheway, thus kudos to John)

1 Behold I, Moroni, do finish the record of my father, Mormon. Behold, I have but few things to write, which things I have been commanded by my father.

A) 2 And now it came to pass that after the great and tremendous battle at Cumorah, behold, the Nephites who had escaped into the country southward were hunted by the Lamanites, until they were all destroyed.

B) 3 And my father also was killed by them,

C) and I even remain alone

D) to write the sad tale of the destruction of my people. But behold, they are gone, and I fulfil the commandment of my father. And whether they will slay me, I know not.

4 Therefore I will write

E) and hide up the records in the earth;

and whither I go it mattereth not.

E) 5 Behold, my father hath made this record,

D) and he hath written the intent thereof.

And behold, I would write it also if I had room upon the plates, but I have not; and ore I have none,

C) for I am alone.

B) My father hath been slain in battle, and all my kinsfolk, and I have not friends nor whither to go; and chow long the Lord will suffer that I may live I know not.

6 Behold, four hundred years have passed away since the coming of our Lord and Savior.

A) 7 And behold, the Lamanites have hunted my people, the Nephites, down from city to city and from place to place, even until they are no more; and great has been their fall; yea, great and marvelous is the destruction of my people, the Nephites.